HIV danger zones

In Tanzania an alarming number of 72 girls/per day get infected by HIV (Source: Ministry of Work Youth and Employment). There are 25 regions in Tanzania and Mwanza is classified as 4 according to rates of infection. The classes go from 0-11 with 1 as the highest rate. This means Mwanza is a high risk region.
Girls in high risk are those who have dropped out from school, adolecsents, who are doing labor work; in general girls living in poor and marginalized conditions.

That is why it is so important to catch these girls and to empower them through awareness sessions combined with creative and physical activities.

Through the football sessions NIHEP has noticed girls/young women with leader skills and they will be trained to become responsible for their own groups under supervision of NIHEP staff. It is like rings on water and an effective way to spread awareness and knowledge.

Another way of reducing risks are giving the girls alternatives to secondary school, which is affordable vocational training.

Picture of the football team with their coach Muita, Getu and me. The footballs and the fee for the coach is funded from Finland

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