Change through entrepreneurship

…tailoring, life skills and football

Picture taken in front of the center with some of the girls from the Life Skills program and football sessions, in their new t-shirts donated by Juniorcupen, Vaasa, Finland.

Like many of you already now we have started our biggest project this far, Education & Innovation Center – Entrepreneurship Training for Young Women. The activities started in September 2020 with five girls, thanks to sponsorship from Svenska Kvinnoklubben in Vaasa, a private sponsor, and enterprises in Mwanza. The plan is now to increase the number of participants to 15 and we are now looking for funding. We have the space but next year’s rent has to paid from August.

The center will be a sel-sustained social entrepreneurship making products for sale and first out for training is tailoring and design. After 6 months of training the girls will be making products for sale and the first product will be school uniforms. After that they can bring forward their own ideas and eventually designs. They will also participate in NIHEPs Life Skills program Wasiliana (communication)

NIHEPs accountant has together with the director Onesmo Kajuna worked on a business plan.

Start-Ups of social entrepreneurships have shown to be a significant component in aiming for positive social change.  Many locally driven CBO’s  (Community Based Organisation) which are important in social work in Tanzania, fund their activities with different forms of income generating. It can be cultivating, making products for sale, small-scaled farming, schools with a part of students paying fees. The ideas are many.

At the moment we are working hard to get funding for this, in hope that NIHEP in the future will be self-sustained.  

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