We support children to education, health and basic care in Mwanza, Tanzania

 We provide children with school supplies in Mwanza, Tanzania and support their caretakers to income generating activities  sponsoring a local organisation

Our partner organisation is now looking for students and volunteers for 2018

Would you like to do your internship in Tanzania?

Come and work with us!

Mwembe r.f and Ni Hekima Pekee Organisation (NIHEP) are looking for interns/volunteers.

NIHEP tailors work tasks according to your studies and interests. It can be social work, teaching, development of activities, managing youth support groups, creative clubs in drama, dance, music, art. We are  young organizations and you have great possibilities to develop the support work with us.

For more information, please  contact us on info@mwembeafrica.fi
Further information on http://nihekimapekee.blogspot.com 

Contact details

Email: info@mwembeafrica.com

Blogg: www.mwembeafrica.blogspot.com

Facebook: Mwanza Street Project/Mwembe r.f.