We support children to education, health and basic care in Mwanza, Tanzania

We need monthly sponsors!

Be a part of our team, become our monthly sponsor! We´ll send you four reports/year

Everything from 5 €/month and up is welcome.

Mwembe r.f, Aktia Bank, account number: FI 4440 5500 1194 1917 HELSFIHH

We give school supplies to vulnerable children in Tanzania. Thanks to our private sponsors.

But this is not enough. The parents, most of them single mothers/grandmothers need our support to be able to take care of the children. Help us to help the parents out of poverty and to give them basic needs (as matresses, cooking utensils), to eliminate malnutrition and support them to become self-sufficient.


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Foto: Josefine Björkfors

Thousands of thanks to you who have contributed in our Challenge 2016!


Hair Rewell Center                                    Damfrisering Charme

Studio Frissan Michaela                            Hairlab

Style by Maria                                            Milou

Hairhouse                                                   We Tech

KM Roofing                                                The Switch

KWH Group                                                Citec

Åbo Akademi                                              PlanMe

Olivers Inn                                                  Novia Yrkeshögskola

…The challenge goes on


We are looking for volunteers!

Ready for the adventure of your life?!

heini drama

Would you like to do your internship in Tanzania?

Come and work with us and make a difference!

Mwembe r.f and Ni Hekima Pekee Organization are looking for volunteers.

We tailor work tasks according to your studies and interests. It can be social work, teaching, managing women support groups, creative clubs in drama, dance, music, art. We are young organizations and you have great possibilities to develop our work with us.

For more information, please contact the international coordinator at your school or contact us on info@mwembeafrica.fi
Web pages: www.mwembeafrica.fi    www.nihekimapekee.blogspot.com

Contact details

Email: info@mwembeafrica.com               Phone: +358 (0) 45 8868787

Blogg: www.mwembeafrica.blogspot.com

Facebook: Mwanza Street Project/Mwembe r.f.