Ni Hekima Pekee

Ni Hekima Pekee (NIHEP) is a non-governmental, non-profit sharing organisation located in Mwanza, Tanzania. The main aim of NIHEP is to help and support vulnerable children with education and to reduce poverty in the community.NIHEP operates within Mwanza region and Mwanza city, in the district of Nyamagana and specifically in Butimba ward. Organisation is serving most vulnerable children, orphaned vulnerable children, street children and street youth. NIHEP is working in collaboration with other assisting organisations.

NIHEP was established in March, 2009 by dedicated founder, Onesmo Kajuna. Organisation was registered after fullfillment of all legal requirements with the Ministry of Home Affairs Tanzania in September 2010.

NIHEP is committed to help disadvantage children and youth in becoming responsible, self-reliant and useful citizens of their own livelihood for today and future generations. Vision of the organisation is to create atmosphere in which each child may feel loved, cared and supported.

Aims and objectives of the organisation
One of the main objectives is to support orphan, disabled, destute and vulnerable children with learning materials and enroll them into pre-primary school and primary school. Emphasizing children on academic achievement is very important.
Reintegrating street children and street youth into family and community is also crucial for us.

In generally we want to advocate and lobby on children’s rights, health, education and livehood including policy. NIHEP always works in close co-operation with the communities. Organisation’s aim is to help communities organizing their resources in alleviating poverty to children. We also want to mobilize community to support, collaborate, contribute and advocate on children’s development policy.

NIHEP also wants to support, educate and promote performance for children with talent, art, culture, traditions, sports and games. Our aim is to erect classes and workshops that will be used for vocational training for orphans and street child and which reject children’s destitute.

Projects of the organisation

  • Education support for the most vulnerable children (MVC) and orphans vulnerable children (OVC)
  • Parent Support Program
  • Life Skills Program (girls)
  • Creative Games


Source of funds

  • Funds shall be solicited from Individuals, the government (local and central), donor agencies, co-operative union and other sources. Funds may be accepted as contributions, donations and grants.
  • Member’s contributions in the form of entry fees and annual fees. Entry fees shall be paid at the time of membership application while annual membership shall be paid by the member as lamp sum or instalments.Main supporter for our projects is Finnish organisation, Mwembe r.f.



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